• Student Wellness

    We are safe. We are Connected. We are Engaged.

    Student Wellness is how we support the development of the whole person which includes mental, social, emotional and physical well-being that is rooted in community, culture and inclusion.

    Our Commitments

    Center Equity

    We will commit to using an equity and inclusion lens when making decisions, allocating resources and providing services.

    Honor Voice

    We will honor the deep knowledge our students, families, and community partners have about their own community by inviting their contributions into our planning.

    Integrate social learning

    We will commit to prioritizing social learning as an integral part of quality teaching and learning.

  • Our community partners

    • Open Hearts
    • Southwest Behavioral and Health Services
    • Not My Kid
    • Family Involvement Center
  • Referral Process

    When a student is identified by a parent, educator or other source as potentially needing school-based or community-based mental health services, the student shall be seen by a school-based mental health professional, such as a school counselor or school social worker to assess if further referral is necessary.

    Parental Consent

    Parents can opt into school-based behavioral health referrals at any time during the school year should the services become necessary. Any Student who receives behavioral health services from 管家婆三期内必开一期 or a community partner must have a signed informed consent from the parent. If a student is enrolled in community-based behavioral health services, staff shall also seek parental permission, in the form of a Release of Information to Community with outside mental health care providers regarding the student’s care. Parents can revoke their consent at any time.